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Frequently asked questions:

How are the services at home of Fernow Medical House Calls different from an office based practice?

            House calls give Dr. Fernow the ability to evaluate the patient and family/ caregiver in their own home carrying out their normal daily activities. This requires a different, more tailored approach.  If vision or hearing loss or balance when walking are problems, the home can be evaluated for safety, and recommendations can be made which will prevent falls or other injuries.  Medications can be easily reviewed for compliance and whether they are safely stored, not outdated, and not duplicated by prescriptions in the medicine cabinet.  Availability and safe storage of nutritious food can be evaluated and quality of care-giving can be assessed.  Where problems are identified, appropriate referrals can be made to home nursing, social services, physical therapists and dieticians. Some problems of frail, elderly or disabled patients are very difficult to assess adequately in an office visit, but are the cornerstone of a personalized approach to care at home.  The underlying goal is to maintain a person’s independence at home for as long as safely possible.

How do I establish care with you?

           Fernow Medical House Calls can be your primary doctor or work with the doctors you already know. If you like, we can make a short “Get Acquainted”  house call visit as an initial meeting.  Before the first visit we will need some information from you.  Please fill out and sign the  forms found on this link. Then mail or fax them to the office. As soon as your completed information  is received we will call you to set up a visit.

What happens during a house call?

           A house call is very similar to an office visit. The initial visit will include a comprehensive assessment that includes vital signs and a thorough history and physical examination.  To schedule a visit click on Contact Us.  During  scheduled follow up visits we monitor your response to treatment, address your questions and concerns, and leave you with instructions to follow until the next time you are seen.  Urgent visits will generally be more focused on the acute problems. 


How do I pay for your visits?

        Fernow Medical House Calls accepts Medicare and most secondary insurance for the house call visit.  Some HMO plans require pre-certification, so it is wise to check with your insurer directly.


What if I need to see a doctor before my next scheduled visit?

        We prefer treating urgent needs before they become emergencies! Although house calls are usually scheduled in advance, we can frequently accommodate urgent house calls when necessary.  Fernow Medical House Calls now also has the services of an adult nurse practitioner who can do visits on a semi-urgent basis as she lives locally in Fairfield County.  So do let us know if you feel you might need to be seen.

Do I need to be homebound to qualify for your care? 

        No, if it is very difficult or exhausting for you to get to the doctor’s office, Medicare will pay for            a  house call. Perhaps you:

  •      don’t drive, and don’t have anyone to drive you
  •      have difficulty walking or getting in and out of a car
  •      can’t wait for long in a doctor’s office because of disability or fatigue
  •      fear going out beyond the confines of your home
  •      have Alzheimer's Disease and your family has difficulty getting you to go to the doctor

House calls are also appropriate for:

  •      home safety evaluations
  •      inability to leave home due to mental health problems
  •      need for family/caregiver involvement in visits

How do I prepare for your visit?

          In order for us to address your health concerns it is essential that you complete the intake forms carefully.  Please include any current concerns about your health or medications.   We review the medications at each house call, and request that the bottles be available for review at the appointment.   For interval house calls it is helpful to keep a list of questions for Dr. Fernow which you want discussed at the visit.  Patients with memory problems benefit from the presence of a caregiver during the visit.

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